10 March, 2011

I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC. And I am a Penguin!...Linux....you know?

Lovely discussion here. Which is better? Which is the best?

I, personally, am a Windows man. I've never had a problem using Windows, and I find it far more appealing than Macs. Sadly, I have to use Macs in my digital art class. I guess they think Macs are better suited for it? I would disagree. I have a much easier time with artwork on Windows.

I've never used Linux, so I really don't have any thing positive or negative to say about it. One day I'll give it a shot. Most likely install Gentoo.

I'm sure that most people will argue from preference, but logically it seems one would choose to by a Windows PC over a Macintosh. I mean, money is a big deal these days, so why spend extra on something that is not as good? A lot of Mac fanboys tend to say something asinine like, "Ha, well, I get Mac because I can afford it hahaha." To me, that's just a retarded argument. You'll pay more for a sub-par system just because you can? Makes no sense to me, but maybe it does to them.

On a different note, I'm going to be building a PC soon. No idea what I'm putting in it, but I'll be using it for 3D animations and rendering shit, so I'll need a good graphics card, some decent ram and good processing abilities.

So, what is your poison of choice?


  1. cheapest => windows
    and as a broke student, i go for the cheapest

  2. I use linux at work. Great os, just not user friendly.