26 February, 2011

Xbox 360 or PS3?

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of postage. I've been swamped lately, but I know I need to keep this up a bit more.

So the topic for today: Do you play 360 or PS3? Or, even PC or Wii?

I for one play both PS3 and 360. I've got both consoles with plenty of games for each.

Now, a lot of people who have one or the other will bad mouth the one they don't have. I won't. In fact, I'll choose the road less travelled. I'd say they're both equal. Like, really, really not different at all.

This topic comes up quite a bit at work. Most people will side with the 360. And they'll do it for stupid reasons. "Oh, this controller is more ergonomic. Oh, the graphics are better. Oh, the console looks cooler."

These people are fucking retards. Like, really.

Controller more ergonomic? Pah, the button layouts are the same with the exception of the D-pad. The 360 controller is bigger, but I've never noticed it being more comfortable. The graphics are the same, honestly. Mostly because people producing games for both consoles aren't going to make one look better. Duh. Exclusives are a different story, and I'd say the PS3 has the upper hand. I won't touch the last point - that's just retarded.

The online play is a good debate point. Xbox Live is much better organised, and has a much larger user base. But PSN is free, so it's hard to argue with that.

I'm really not sure why fanboys lash out at either side. Any logical person will realise they're the same fucking thing....and that PC will always have the better graphics with the exception of sports games. Why are sports games so garbage looking on PC?

22 February, 2011

I'd Like to Get Out There

I'm not exactly an unhappy or depressed person, but I'm also not incredibly happy. I'm stuck in a very depressing state for the duration of university, so that's just making me discontent. I feel trapped.

The reason this bites at me so much is because I'm the type of guy that wants to get out there. I want to go to fifty different countries, learn twenty different languages, lead ten different lives. Well, maybe only one life, but you get what I mean.

I need freedom and adventure. I've already been most places around the States, but Mexico is the only other country I've been too (great food.) I want to go to so many more.

I'm a bit of an Anglophile, so England is probably where I want to go most. After that, the rest of the British Isles and Ireland. (Well, maybe not Wales. =P )

I'd also like to visit the typical European countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

And finally, Asia. Places like China, South Korea and Japan are top of my list. Mostly Japan and South Korea. I feel like if I go to China, Rush Hour 2 will happen to me, but I won't have Jackie Chan getting me out of danger.

As far as languages, I'd love to learn German, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean. I'm not really sure why, but languages are fascinating to me, and I'd like to learn at least two languages that are foreign to my English speaking self.

Anyone else feeling a tad trapped by where they live? Anyone else want to just get out there?

19 February, 2011

Hmm, been lazy lately, here's a post to make up for it.

Yeah, I haven't made a post in the past couple of days, so I thought it would be a pretty ballin' idea to do so.

Anyways, Uni is at a time where I think it's getting easier, but I know this is just the eye of the storm. My classes don't have anything due for a few days which gives me time to work on stuff, and I have all of tomorrow to work on any unfinished business.

Work has been work. I work as a QA tester for EA, so it's not the hardest of jobs. Most people there are pretty cool, and we end up having absurd nicknames for each other. One of my best mates works there and they've given him the nickname Babyteeth. Another dude has gotten the nickname Batman - mostly because he's witty....um, we attribute that to his excellent detective skills! (Yeah..now it makes more sense.)

I have yet to receive a nickname there, but there's been a couple of forced nicknames that haven't really panned out.

Which leads me to my next point - I am un-nicknamable. Yep. You heard it here, folks. I cannot be given a nickname. Ian isn't my real name, but my alias I give to people. But, that doesn't count as a nickname.

Do you guys have a nickname?

17 February, 2011

In this post - I will say all the Spanish I know and attempt to make sentences. Oh, and my thoughts on art classes.


Yo soy el presidente de los estadio unidos. Que el hora este hombre del burro? Si, ahora las senoritas y garcon. Oye, este francais, no este espanol. Si, tu correctemundo. No este chingando. Pero, tu madre este chigande puta. Gracias.

As for art classes, I really hate them. I'm an art major, and the thing I hate most is people telling me how to draw. Because I don't draw like them. I never will. For some reason they think that their way of drawing is the only way. Strange how I've managed to make it this far without their help, huh?

Besides, traditional drawing is not going to be as useful to me when I become an animator/modeller. And I won't ever use charcoal. That stuff is garbage. I hate charcoal.

14 February, 2011

I am out of shape - but not in the usual way?

So, I found out how out of shape I am. The day before yesterday, me and my friends went Laser Tag, which is a game where you shine people in the eyes with lasers like your mum told you not to do. Anyways, it's been two days, and the tops of my thighs are in EXTREME PAIN. Jesus, I didn't pull anything, but it hurts like hell. And I used to play footy (...I played a season of it...)

How did I get so out of shape? I guess it was easy enough. I mean, I don't look out of shape. I'm not defined or anything, but my legs are all muscle, and my upper body is fairly solid. I don't exactly look fit, but I don't look slobby. I guess that's how I managed to be so useless. I play three rounds of LT, now my thighs are burnin'. I can't properly sit down or stand up without it hurting. Also, my cardio has never been good. I ALWAYS get winded easily. Even when I was more in-shape, my cardio has always been rubbish.

I don't have a treadmill, and the thought of running without one is dreadful. I would go biking, but I never have the time for it. Plus, there's shitty bike riding terrain where I live.

On a good note, yesterday I started up my nightly workout routine of ten really slow pushups (it hurts, shut up) and twenty sit-ups.

I know that doing this at night sort of doesn't benefit much, and I'm not doing that much, but it should be enough for tone, right? That's all I really care for. I mean, a slight improvement in mass is okay, but I don't want a new wardrobe.

Well, that's all for today's post. Have a good one!

10 February, 2011

I Need to Eat Healthy, but the World is Too Delicious

Now, let me start off by saying that I am not an overweight person. In fact, I'm probably a bit underweight. My weight is not my problem, it's the nutritional values I often neglect.

Today, I found myself pigging out on some delicious Pizza Bites and cupcakes. Now, I'm active enough that I will shed the weight, but this simply can't be good for my body, can it? I do this quite a lot, really. Pizza Bites. Hot Pockets. All of this delicious, unhealthy food is calling my name all the time.

I think the only time I can manage something healthy is when I go to Subway. Even then, though, I've lately found myself ordering chipotle chicken instead of turkey breast. Mostly cause turkey breast went up in price. I miss that being a 5 dollar footlong.

It totals to about $7.60 something if you get a meal. With two cookies, instead of chips. Sugar or chocolate chip or peanut butter. Be sure to get the sandwich on Italian herb and cheese bread. Add jalepenos. UGH! I need to stop!

What can I eat that's amazingly delicious, but won't utterly ravage my body?

07 February, 2011

American Television - Anything good on it?

So, I'm sure most people have noticed the massive decline in quality of American TV shows. It's mostly been over the last ten years, but I suppose it's easy to argue that there have been more bad TV shows than good in the history of TV.

Well, currently, I can only think of five shows (based on shows I've watched) that have been made over the last year or two that are worth watching.

The first show would be Burn Notice. I'm not even going to attempt to hide my fanboyness over this show. It's really the best thing on American TV right now - or any TV, for that matter.
The show tracks "ex" spy Michael Weston as he attempts to find out why he was fired, and who did it. Seriously, I find it difficult for anyone to watch just one episode of the show and not want more. It's really amazingly done.

Next show would be Psych. This show follows along a different path than Burn Notice. It's about a guy who's dad was a detective and trained him to be hype-perceptive. In the future, he uses his ability to notice things to pretend to be psychic and work with the police. He doesn't want to be a real detective, just do the detective work.

I really hate describing Psych, cause it's hard to summise it any better than that if you want someone to know what it's about. The best way to avoid that is to just have somone watch the show. It's witty, it's cute and most importantly, it's good.

Third would be Lie to Me. I went into this show expecting a half-assed detective show about human lie detectors, and came out with awesome smashed into my face. It's a well-paced, intriguing show that's actually original. The lead actor is who really brings the show together, though. Without him, the show would be horrid. He just really pulls it off.

Fourth is The Mentalist. Ironically, it's quite similar to Psych. Guy pretended to be a psychic, now does detective work. However, it's a bit darker than Psych is. What I love about it, though, is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's more of a drama than a comedy, but it's balanced in a fantastic way.

Fifth is a tie between House and 24. I know 24 is over, but it's probably been one of the best shows in the past decade, so I had to mention it. House is still running strong and fantastically. Won't waste time explaining these, since you should already know about them. If you don't, rectify this immediately.

Well, that's all everybody. Let me know some other shows you enjoy. Doesn't have to be American shows. Just don't list Doctor Who or Torchwood. Doctor Who has been sub-par since Tennant and Davies left, and Torchwood has always been sub-par.

06 February, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Jackie Chan?

Seriously? How can you not love Jackie Chan? He knows kung-fu. He doesn't want no trouble. And he's ALWAYS having a bad day, bad day, bad day. But, he still manages to beat the bad guys, and do the wackiest antics - all with a smile on his face!

Seriously, I'm going to try to get every Jackie Chan movie. Marathon them all in the course of a few days. Then, I'm gonna go to China and have lunch with him. (Okay, the last one may not happen.)

If you were half as cool as Jackie Chan, you'd be half as cool as the coolest person on the planet.

Also, Jackie Chan>Bruce Lee.


05 February, 2011

My Annoyances at Wal-Mart, and Why You Should be Annoyed as Well! (I don't think this post is capitalised correctly...)

I hate Wal-Mart. Officially. However, I don't hate it because of the normal reasons people choose.

I don't care that they're basically a monopoly.
I don't care that they're putting the little man out of business.
Hell, I don't even care about the obnoxious architecture of their buildings.

I'm angry because they no longer stock Arizona Green Tea. This infuriates me to my very core.

In recent times, Arizona Green Tea (mostly the diet kind) has become my favourite beverage. For the first time in ages, I wasn't drinking soda, but something that was incredibly refreshing, and at least slightly healthy. But now, what do I do? Wal-Mart has chosen Lipton Green Tea to take Arizona's place, but Lipton's GT (abbreviations, man. Abbvs.) is rubbish. It's absolute garbage.

Am I the only one INCREDIBLY ANGRY at this? Or, does your Wal-Mart still stock this so you don't have to be angry?

01 February, 2011

Call of Duty fun

So, Call of Duty is a fun game to play competitively online. However, no matter how much fun it is to play the game legit, it's a million times more fun to play when taking the piss.

But, Ian, how do I taked piss? You may ask. Well, there's many ways to go about it. Here's my list of great piss-takes to have in Black Ops:

1. Kill your teammates in Hardcore.

I'm not the first to do this, there are multiple videos on youtube exploiting this fun tactic. However, you just don't realise how enjoyable it is until you do it yourself. The reactions are beyond hilarious.

2. Dual wield pistols.

There's not much to elaborate on this one. Simply equip pistols with dual wield as your secondary and use that the entire match. It's best when you have steady aim on. It's probably the most fun thing to do with the pistols. Feels like I'm in a John Woo film.

3. Leap Frog

So, I actually got this idea from CriT1Kal in his fun tactics series on YouTube, but it's a lot of fun to do.You basically get a running start and you just dive. You can do this with or without a partner.

4. OMG I'VE GOT THE BOMB! - SnD only tactic.

So, basically you want to equip a fast firing weapon, like the Skorpion, and have extended mags. This is only for Search and Destroy - What you want to do is be the one on your team that grabs the bomb. Then, you should immediately start freaking out in your mic, "Oh shit, oh shit, I've got the bomb! What do I do!?"

Your team mates will try to calm you down, but instead of listening, just run out and hold down the fire button. Nothing will scare the living shit out of the enemy more than a retard running with a bomb firing a machine gun wildly.

5. Narrate what you're doing.

This is another one that will piss your team mates off royally: narrate everything that is happening on screen. Even the most mundane things. Especially fun if you're camping and you talk about how dust was picking up or how no one has run past your scope yet, but you'll be waiting.

Well, that's all I've got right now. Hope you use these and have fun with them.