22 February, 2011

I'd Like to Get Out There

I'm not exactly an unhappy or depressed person, but I'm also not incredibly happy. I'm stuck in a very depressing state for the duration of university, so that's just making me discontent. I feel trapped.

The reason this bites at me so much is because I'm the type of guy that wants to get out there. I want to go to fifty different countries, learn twenty different languages, lead ten different lives. Well, maybe only one life, but you get what I mean.

I need freedom and adventure. I've already been most places around the States, but Mexico is the only other country I've been too (great food.) I want to go to so many more.

I'm a bit of an Anglophile, so England is probably where I want to go most. After that, the rest of the British Isles and Ireland. (Well, maybe not Wales. =P )

I'd also like to visit the typical European countries like France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

And finally, Asia. Places like China, South Korea and Japan are top of my list. Mostly Japan and South Korea. I feel like if I go to China, Rush Hour 2 will happen to me, but I won't have Jackie Chan getting me out of danger.

As far as languages, I'd love to learn German, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean. I'm not really sure why, but languages are fascinating to me, and I'd like to learn at least two languages that are foreign to my English speaking self.

Anyone else feeling a tad trapped by where they live? Anyone else want to just get out there?


  1. I do want to get out there just a bit, know what the trapped feeling is like, but I'm also really happy with where I live. All politics aside, anyway.

  2. I do wanna get out there. but first I need the money. lol.

  3. Actually I don't like travel too much but my gf enjoyed it a lot, so I'm saving up to travel together and visit nice places.
    I feel happy just visiting places in my games, but I know she won't enjoy that. haha

  4. yes but stuck till I win the lottery

  5. Your first concern should be money then, Ian.

  6. familiarity breeds contempt, you'd probably feel the same way if you lived somewhere else- that place would become "boring".

    Keep a positive spin on things and you'll be fine.

  7. You need to find things to fill those voids.