26 February, 2011

Xbox 360 or PS3?

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of postage. I've been swamped lately, but I know I need to keep this up a bit more.

So the topic for today: Do you play 360 or PS3? Or, even PC or Wii?

I for one play both PS3 and 360. I've got both consoles with plenty of games for each.

Now, a lot of people who have one or the other will bad mouth the one they don't have. I won't. In fact, I'll choose the road less travelled. I'd say they're both equal. Like, really, really not different at all.

This topic comes up quite a bit at work. Most people will side with the 360. And they'll do it for stupid reasons. "Oh, this controller is more ergonomic. Oh, the graphics are better. Oh, the console looks cooler."

These people are fucking retards. Like, really.

Controller more ergonomic? Pah, the button layouts are the same with the exception of the D-pad. The 360 controller is bigger, but I've never noticed it being more comfortable. The graphics are the same, honestly. Mostly because people producing games for both consoles aren't going to make one look better. Duh. Exclusives are a different story, and I'd say the PS3 has the upper hand. I won't touch the last point - that's just retarded.

The online play is a good debate point. Xbox Live is much better organised, and has a much larger user base. But PSN is free, so it's hard to argue with that.

I'm really not sure why fanboys lash out at either side. Any logical person will realise they're the same fucking thing....and that PC will always have the better graphics with the exception of sports games. Why are sports games so garbage looking on PC?


  1. I have an XBOX 360 but I haven't bought a new game for it in over a year.. maybe I'm just getting older but I don't get excited by video games anymore :\ To be honest I should sell it but I'm just too lazy.

  2. I play a modded wii (I have kids) but ive modded it so I have every game and all the emulators for atari,sega,xbox,etc. !tb hd hooked to it plus its on a vpn server :)

  3. I chose the ps3. its everything in a system I want. bluray. free online play. great games.

  4. Well, I've got a pc...

  5. God tier PC gamer right here. Enjoy your controllers.

  6. I have a PS3 but I don't lash out on the 360, I just figured it'd be cheaper in the long run and I can't complain at all.

  7. I would play PC, but my PC is nowhere near good enough to run games these days. Building a new one, soon, though.

  8. I play all the systems actually. At the moment I'm playing my 360 more often mainly because of some of the exclusives that it has, but when it comes to exclusives the PS3 wins bar none. I do agree with a lot of your points such as with the online, but I am picky with the D-Pad, I prefer the PS3 d-pad than the 360.