01 February, 2011

Call of Duty fun

So, Call of Duty is a fun game to play competitively online. However, no matter how much fun it is to play the game legit, it's a million times more fun to play when taking the piss.

But, Ian, how do I taked piss? You may ask. Well, there's many ways to go about it. Here's my list of great piss-takes to have in Black Ops:

1. Kill your teammates in Hardcore.

I'm not the first to do this, there are multiple videos on youtube exploiting this fun tactic. However, you just don't realise how enjoyable it is until you do it yourself. The reactions are beyond hilarious.

2. Dual wield pistols.

There's not much to elaborate on this one. Simply equip pistols with dual wield as your secondary and use that the entire match. It's best when you have steady aim on. It's probably the most fun thing to do with the pistols. Feels like I'm in a John Woo film.

3. Leap Frog

So, I actually got this idea from CriT1Kal in his fun tactics series on YouTube, but it's a lot of fun to do.You basically get a running start and you just dive. You can do this with or without a partner.

4. OMG I'VE GOT THE BOMB! - SnD only tactic.

So, basically you want to equip a fast firing weapon, like the Skorpion, and have extended mags. This is only for Search and Destroy - What you want to do is be the one on your team that grabs the bomb. Then, you should immediately start freaking out in your mic, "Oh shit, oh shit, I've got the bomb! What do I do!?"

Your team mates will try to calm you down, but instead of listening, just run out and hold down the fire button. Nothing will scare the living shit out of the enemy more than a retard running with a bomb firing a machine gun wildly.

5. Narrate what you're doing.

This is another one that will piss your team mates off royally: narrate everything that is happening on screen. Even the most mundane things. Especially fun if you're camping and you talk about how dust was picking up or how no one has run past your scope yet, but you'll be waiting.

Well, that's all I've got right now. Hope you use these and have fun with them.


  1. LMAO, I always dual wielded Desert Eagles and narrated my shenanigans in MW2. Good times...

  2. Hahaha I love doing that to these COD assholes lmfaooo. Especially in COD4 when playing hardcore SnD, I use to get the rpg and kill almost all my teammates in the beginning of the match!

    Following and supporting!


  3. haha, I surely remember that one!

  4. well with hackers you cant do anything anymore

  5. hahaha good one i might have to try some of these