29 January, 2011

Say 'Yes' More.

So, I'm sure the vast majority of you have heard of the movie Yes Man, and perhaps others have read the infinitely superior book that it's based on. Here's a question: How often do you say yes? To anything? Everyone is always saying no to anything. Want to hang out? Nah. Want to help me with a project? No thanks, man.

Fools! You realise that saying yes will benefit you far more than you know? Perhaps not at first, but in the long run.

Now, I'm not saying to say yes to EVERYTHING like in the book and movie, but say yes to those that are reasonably accomplished. You can spare an hour of your time to help a friend that needs it. Plus, they'll feel obligated to help you out in the future. And if not? Well, at least you did something nice. That counts for something.

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