03 April, 2011

Why does printmaking still exist?

I hate printmaking. Despise it. Loathe it. Any other form of hate it.

Really, though, why does it still exist? I mean, I understand screenprinting still existing as it's used extensively, but the others?

In order to major in my major, I'm pretty much required to take four printmaking classes (maybe there are loopholes.) Now, whenever we get into digital printmaking, it won't be so bad as it'll actually pertain a little bit to my major, but the basic printmaking does not.

Lithography is of the devil. I really think that it was invented by Satan to rot the minds of artists. We're supposed to draw on a giant slab of limestone with greasy crayons, then we have to paint acid on it in order to etch it. Then we have to ink it up and print from it. Here's the catch: If you end up breaking the stone (very possible) you have to pay for another one. Essentially, you have to give the university $5,000 for breaking something they forced you to use.

Ink sucks if it's not in a pen. That shit ends up getting everywhere, it's absolutely ridiculous. A lot of my clothes have been ruined because of that rubbish. WHERE ARE MY NORMAL CLASSES!?

Oh, I do have a normal class. Figure drawing. Which sucks. (Drawing someone naked for 3 hours in balls.)

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have any suggestions for recording console gameplay in HD? I mean, I know they have Dazzle cap-cards, but those only output in SD.

27 March, 2011

Well, well, well - Guess who's back!

That's right, it's been a while, sadly. Getting internet takes longer than one would imagine. Well, theoretically, it only takes a couple hours for the company to run a few cables, and a couple minutes for them to activate the service, but actually scheduling a time for them to come out? Impossible. It's absurd.

Annnyyyyywho, since I got internet back, I decided to get back on Xbox Live and PSN and do my CoD thang. I noticed two things: 1. In Modern Warfare 2, it is impossible for me to kill anyone with a throwing knife. And 2., PS3 players must be tryhards - they're way better than 360 players.

Actually, the throwing knife thing is interesting. I can't kill anyone for shit with a throwing knife in MW2, but in Black Ops, I get tomahawk kills left and right. I'm not sure what the deal is.

I still like CoD4 the best for online, and CoD2 the best for singleplayer. The others are just time passers.

15 March, 2011

Hey Ladies and Gents

I've recently moved, and I've yet to get internet access in my house. Thus, why I've not been active lately.

However, I plan on making a legit entry as soon as I get internet access at my house. See ya soon!

10 March, 2011

I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC. And I am a Penguin!...Linux....you know?

Lovely discussion here. Which is better? Which is the best?

I, personally, am a Windows man. I've never had a problem using Windows, and I find it far more appealing than Macs. Sadly, I have to use Macs in my digital art class. I guess they think Macs are better suited for it? I would disagree. I have a much easier time with artwork on Windows.

I've never used Linux, so I really don't have any thing positive or negative to say about it. One day I'll give it a shot. Most likely install Gentoo.

I'm sure that most people will argue from preference, but logically it seems one would choose to by a Windows PC over a Macintosh. I mean, money is a big deal these days, so why spend extra on something that is not as good? A lot of Mac fanboys tend to say something asinine like, "Ha, well, I get Mac because I can afford it hahaha." To me, that's just a retarded argument. You'll pay more for a sub-par system just because you can? Makes no sense to me, but maybe it does to them.

On a different note, I'm going to be building a PC soon. No idea what I'm putting in it, but I'll be using it for 3D animations and rendering shit, so I'll need a good graphics card, some decent ram and good processing abilities.

So, what is your poison of choice?

06 March, 2011

Automobiles - Das Autos

I want a new car. Not need, want. I already have a car. It's a really shitty car, but it gets me to uni and work and home. But, I want something new. Hell, not even new, just the car I want.

Okay, so I'm sure you want to know what I drive, right? ...right? Well...I'll tell you anyways! I currently drive a 2002 Kia Spectra - black - front wheel drive - license plate num...er, yeah! This car is all fine and dandy, I've only had it break down on me once. It happened two weeks after I got it, but it was fixed in a day, and I haven't had a break down since - almost three years later. I have hit someone, I guess. I mean, I barely scraped the side of them. They tried to get me to pay a crap load for it. Wankers.

Anyways, this car is all well and good, but it's not really me. So, what car do I really want? Well, there's actually three cars that I want, that are practical...I guess. And one of them I could probably afford!

First on the list, and least likely for me to get is an Alfa Romeo. Any Alfa Romeo. Don't really care which, I just sort of want one. They aren't especially well made, especially popular and they aren't even the best in much of any area, really. But, they have a sort of elegance about them that cannot be ignored. They are what they are, and I love them.

Second, and the one I want least (this list is not ordered) is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1. Now, before you start calling me out for wanting an Evo, this isn't the same Evo produced today. This is the Evo from around '92. It was a brilliant car. It looked like a ralley car in some ways, and drove like a beast. It's a class from the past.

Third, and the one I'm most likely to get/what I want the most - A Mini Cooper. Again, hold off on the hate train. These little cars are absolute quality. Half-British/Half-German - this car is made to take on anything and everything. Well, maybe not, but it's still great. It's got brilliant handling, a good enough speed/accel. and it is small enough to park anywhere. Despite how small it is on the outside, there's a surprising amount of room on the inside, and it gets good gas mileage, so that's another plus for the car.

I'd really love to have any of these cars, but I'm a broke college student, so it'd be hard to afford them. Oh well, the future will bring them to me!

03 March, 2011

Good News!

It has become apparent that I am more popular than I realised. You see, it's obvious Wal-Mart has read my blog, as they are now stocking Arizona Green Tea again. Joy to the world! There is hope, yet!

I have to be careful, though. If Wal-Mart is reading my blog, then perhaps Target is, too. And if Target is, who knows who else is reading it. I could become the most popular man in the internet. Yes, IN the internet. What does this mean? Does this mean that what I type will be law? Or is it only pertaining to department stores? Would Wal-Mart be considered a department store? So many questions!

On a less interrogative note, I promise I'm not getting lazy and ingnoring you guys. Busy life has been busy lately. Which is rather odd, now that I think about it. I never really considered myself busy before, but university has surprised me. Hell, even work has only been 18 hours a week, so that's not taking up all my time.

I need better time allocation, but my schedule is not very forgiving this semester. Oh well, next fall I will be a sophomore, so I will be more likely to get into classes at the times I WANT. Being at school until 6:30 is not my idea of good time planning. No, not at all, I'm afraid.

26 February, 2011

Xbox 360 or PS3?

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of postage. I've been swamped lately, but I know I need to keep this up a bit more.

So the topic for today: Do you play 360 or PS3? Or, even PC or Wii?

I for one play both PS3 and 360. I've got both consoles with plenty of games for each.

Now, a lot of people who have one or the other will bad mouth the one they don't have. I won't. In fact, I'll choose the road less travelled. I'd say they're both equal. Like, really, really not different at all.

This topic comes up quite a bit at work. Most people will side with the 360. And they'll do it for stupid reasons. "Oh, this controller is more ergonomic. Oh, the graphics are better. Oh, the console looks cooler."

These people are fucking retards. Like, really.

Controller more ergonomic? Pah, the button layouts are the same with the exception of the D-pad. The 360 controller is bigger, but I've never noticed it being more comfortable. The graphics are the same, honestly. Mostly because people producing games for both consoles aren't going to make one look better. Duh. Exclusives are a different story, and I'd say the PS3 has the upper hand. I won't touch the last point - that's just retarded.

The online play is a good debate point. Xbox Live is much better organised, and has a much larger user base. But PSN is free, so it's hard to argue with that.

I'm really not sure why fanboys lash out at either side. Any logical person will realise they're the same fucking thing....and that PC will always have the better graphics with the exception of sports games. Why are sports games so garbage looking on PC?