03 April, 2011

Why does printmaking still exist?

I hate printmaking. Despise it. Loathe it. Any other form of hate it.

Really, though, why does it still exist? I mean, I understand screenprinting still existing as it's used extensively, but the others?

In order to major in my major, I'm pretty much required to take four printmaking classes (maybe there are loopholes.) Now, whenever we get into digital printmaking, it won't be so bad as it'll actually pertain a little bit to my major, but the basic printmaking does not.

Lithography is of the devil. I really think that it was invented by Satan to rot the minds of artists. We're supposed to draw on a giant slab of limestone with greasy crayons, then we have to paint acid on it in order to etch it. Then we have to ink it up and print from it. Here's the catch: If you end up breaking the stone (very possible) you have to pay for another one. Essentially, you have to give the university $5,000 for breaking something they forced you to use.

Ink sucks if it's not in a pen. That shit ends up getting everywhere, it's absolutely ridiculous. A lot of my clothes have been ruined because of that rubbish. WHERE ARE MY NORMAL CLASSES!?

Oh, I do have a normal class. Figure drawing. Which sucks. (Drawing someone naked for 3 hours in balls.)

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have any suggestions for recording console gameplay in HD? I mean, I know they have Dazzle cap-cards, but those only output in SD.


  1. I know how you feel, so much useless crap I had to learn in school that I'll never use in the real world

  2. I hate getting ink everywhere