29 January, 2011

The Best Rapper Alive, When the Best Rapper Retires

Soulja Boy is unquestionably "in dis hoe," but how many of you know the true story behind Young Soulja?

When Soulja was a little boy, he started to realise he had a much different swag than that of his peers. Not only was his faster and more dynamic, it also had spikier hair. This, quite simply, is because Soulja was the first person to attain what professionals like to call "Anime Swag."

Throughout his years, Soulja was ridiculed in school for looking like anime. Not only were his digital watch, digital clock and cell phone anime, but he also wore Pikachu diamonds - an idea unheard of at the time.

Soulja Boy eventually broke big when he was roughly 16 (nobody knows the real age of this genius.)
After attaining more money than anyone could imagine, he started going by the name Rich as Fuck.

Well, Mr. Rich as Fuck, you have secured a place in all of our hearts. The Little Engine that Could of the rap game.

Not only do you know that you are on another level, you openly acknowledge your shortcomings in lines such as, "I'll be the best rapper alive, when the best rapper retires" - an obvious ode to Eminem.

Thus, we have learned more about the precarious individual known as Soulja Boy. I'm Ian, and you've been informed.

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  1. Very, well put. Soulja boy is one of the few true rappers out in the world these days..